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We are excited to be launching our ‘partner program’ in 2018.

Through our partner program we will be helping organisations who share a desire to innovate in a particular area, to team up to collaborate and apply agile, lean startup and social enterprise methodologies to deliver measurable outcomes over a 6-12mth period.

By helping 5-10 organisations combine their budgets and expertise to take on an innovation challenge, and meeting monthly to showcase developments made and the findings of research undertaken, we will empower the delivery of meaningful progress rather than just more well intentioned talk. 

If you belong to a group or association who wants to move beyond discussion and deliver user-centred solutions, please contact us.

Participants in the partnership program should anticipate investing $15,000-50,000 each, and be willing to commit up to 1 day/mth to participating in showcases and sprint planning. 

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